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Online Sports Betting in Tennessee


Tennessee is one of those jurisdictions in the United States that has managed to make history when it comes to online sports betting sweeping across the country following the repeal of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) by the Supreme Court.

Bettors who physically reside in the Volunteer State can now place their bets anywhere within the borders of the state on several TN sports betting apps and sites. Here, players are able to wager on their smartphones and other devices.

Here is more of what you need to be aware of about sports gambling in Tennessee:

Top Online Operators in Tennessee for 2021

Since sports wagering became legal in Tennessee, several operators went ahead and applied for a license to operate in the Volunteer State. Nearly all of them claim to be the best in business. However, not all of them are who they say they are. We went deeper in our attempt to find out some of the best operators in Tennessee. We established the following to be some of the ideal Tennessee sportsbooks:

  • DraftKings – DraftKings offers its customers up to $50 matched free bet upon deposit. There are also some attractive bonuses here such as the $1,000 deposit bonus.
  • FanDuel – At FanDuel, bettors get the assurance of up to $1,000 refund if they lose their initial bet. This operator also understands the importance of mobile sports betting, a big reason as to why they have a mobile app that’s available on Android, Desktop, and iOS.
  • BetMGM – At BetMGM, players get the assurance of $10 free weekly wagers and $600 risk-free Additionally, there are plenty of betting options available here.
  • Tennessee Action 24/7 – This operator is only four months old in business having gone live on November 1, 2020. We are yet to discover much about it, though they came with the promise of some of the best odds and bonuses. Those who’ve tried this operator have reported of a 100% matched bonus upon their initial deposit.

Online Sports Betting Laws in Tennessee

The Tennessee sports betting law did create a lone online-only model type of betting in the United States to date. It means that betting only takes place exclusively via the internet. The state’s law took immediate effect in early July 2019, with the Governor (Bill Lee) allowing it to become part of TN state laws, but without his signature.

Historically Tennessee hasn’t been a “gambling friendly” state. You won’t find any retail casinos here, nor any plans to introduce in the near future. Therefore, attempts to come up with a betting apparatus was a deliberate and a slow process. However, after several months of careful research along with some debates, the official launch took place on November 1, 2020. The following are some key details of TN sports betting law:

  • Operators must pay an annual fee of $750,000
  • There’s a tax rate of 20% on operators GGR (Gross Gaming Revenue)
  • Operators in Tennessee must make a purchase of the official league data from the state’s professional sports leagues if they are to take in-game bets.
  • The law doesn’t allow for retails wagering or betting on sporting events.
  • Offshore bookmakers aren’t legal in Tennessee
  • You have to be at least 21 years age to be able to engage in any online sports gambling activities in Tennessee.

Tennessee Betting Apps and Mobile Sports Betting

The ability for players to place wagers from anywhere and anytime they feel like doing so is one the best things when it comes to online sports betting in the Volunteer State. In a world where sports betting enthusiasts primarily connect with sporting events using their mobile devices, it means that mobile wagering is a necessity.

Now, players can use their cell phone devices to watch, read, and talk about sports. Luckily enough, there more than a dozen Tennessee sports betting apps that bettors can use to wager on anytime they want. Tennessee has some of the best apps that make it very easy to browse the odds and the available betting options while on the go. The good thing is that they support exactly the same functionality as their desktop counterparts.

A majority of the most popular bookies in TN saw them beginning as daily fantasy sports apps. Of importance to note is that some of these apps are market-specific. It means that you have make a download of the ‘Tennessee version’ if you intend at placing wagers within the state. Currently, you can find several mobile wagering apps such as FanDuel, BetMGM, and DraftKings.

Sporting Events that you can bet on in Tennessee

Tennessee is one of those states that allows betting on most collegiate and professional sports, along with a wide range of some popular amateur sports and other international competitions such as the Olympics.

Tennessee doesn’t allow wagering on high school sporting activities or any other amateur sporting activities which the majority of participants or players are under the age of 18. Surprisingly, you can wager on eSports activities that are regulated by a governing body. It means that bookies can offer wagers on some selected eSports events that take place at the professional level.

When wagering in Tennessee, you cannot bet on politics or entertainment activities. Betting in TN is only limited to sporting activities, meaning that plenty of specials and prop wagers that you can find in another sports betting market won’t be available at Tennessee sportsbooks. In short, you can bet on pro and international sports such as:

  • Football
  • Motorsports
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • MMA
  • NBA
  • MLS
  • MLB
  • NHS
  • NFL
  • UFC
  • Boxing

Types of Wagers Available for Tennessee Bettors

You can expect to find almost the entire popular types of sports wagers in Tennessee. Among the most famous ones include the following:

  • The moneyline – A good number of sports betting sites in Tennessee offer moneyline wagers. This involves a wager on a team to win a match based on the moneyline odds that a bookmaker sets. For example, if you see the New York Rangers at -140 to beat the Nashville Predators who are at +120, it means that you need to wager $140 to win $100 on the favored rangers, or $100 to win $120 on the underdog Nashville Predators.
  • Points spread – This is another major form of sports wagering. Here, certain number of goals or points in a specific match favors one team. Bettors then have to choose either the underdog or the favorite. It also goes by the name handicap betting.
  • Parlay – This is a wager that combines two or more teams. Each has to win for parlays to cash. Of importance to note is that more teams here mean high potential payouts.
  • Teaser – Here, players get to adjust the points spread in specific matches in exchange for reduced odds. The reduced payout is mostly dependent on the number of points that a player teases.
  • Totals – This is a wager that the combined score of two teams that are in action will end either in an over or under the total points or goals that a sportsbook sets.
  • Futures – This is a wager on a player or a team to be determined in the future, but not the near future. For example betting on a team to emerge winners of the NCAA tournament during the college basketball Many online betting sites in TN offer this type of bet.
  • Props – This involves a wager on a specific team or player that may or may not be not have any relations at all to the final outcome of a match. For example, how many assists or points that the Grizzlies guard Ja Morant will manage to accumulate in a specific NBA

Bonuses that you can claim in Tennessee

Tennessee sportsbooks offer their customers several bonuses and promotions aimed at signing up new players and retaining existing bettors. Some bonus offers tend to be more lucrative compared to others. A majority of them contain playthrough requirements before a player can fully redeem money in his or her account. Some of the most common include:

  • No deposit bonuses – This involves small bonuses that place get the moment they get to sign up with a bookie. Initial deposit isn’t necessary here.
  • Deposit Match – Tennessee bettors who make an initial deposit will automatically get a matched up bonus of their amount up to 100%.
  • Odds Boost – Bookmakers boost the odds on a certain team, providing its customers with a more desirable payout on the moneyline, totals, or spread bet.
  • Free Bet – This one mostly targets new players. Even though formats vary, generally, if your bet loses, the free bet is also lost, but not your individual funds. If the wager gets to win, you’ll see additions of the winnings to your account.

Local TN Teams worth Betting On

The moment you’ve signed up with legal Tennessee sportsbooks, it’s now time to consider some of the biggest local teams worth wagering for here. As always, when wagering on different sports leagues, teams, or players, we always advise our readers to bet with their minds and not their hearts. But again, we understand that bettors always root for their favorite clubs and players. The following are some top TN clubs worth betting on and the sports leagues they participate on, especially when they are in action:

  • Tennessee Titans (NFL)
  • Nashville Predators (NHL)
  • Memphis Grizzlies (NBA)
  • Atlanta Braves (MLB)

Online Sports Betting in Tennessee FAQs

Is online sports betting legal in Tennessee?

Absolutely! Online sports betting is legal in Tennessee and you can’t face persecution for engaging in such an activity.

When did sports betting become legal in TN?

As of 2020, it became legal to wager on sporting events in Tennessee.

Should I trust Tennessee bookmakers with my money and personal information?

When it comes to safety and security of your funds and personal info, you have no reason to worry. TN bookies ensure that they keep personal and financial information of their customers safe.

How can I make withdrawals while in Tennessee?

There are plenty of safe and secure ways of conducting withdrawals including online payment systems, debit/credit cards, and electronic bank transfers.

Does Tennessee bookmakers accept all types of wagers?

No. Prop bets aren’t permissible on college sports. Besides that, you’ll find a huge list of almost every other type of bet in Tennessee.

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